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Contents of the October edition (issue 451) of Programme Monthly & Football Collectable include LETTERS Double vision at Oxford, Annan ticket malfunction PETE’S PICTURE PALACE How architecture won a place in football’s heart MEDIA WATCH Chelsea badge change? and three very different reports about football museums TAKING ISSUE The Community Shield programme and issues from the first two rounds of the Carabao Cup EARLY SEASON EUROPEAN ISSUES Andrew Wilkie and Richard Rutherford look at UK and Ireland issues from 2018/19 FROM BARCELONA WITH LOVE John Holroyd picks up a stunner DERBY COUNTY MEMORIES Programmes from Derby County against Scottish clubs CONTINENTAL TOUR Find out what Chris Oakley got up to in Denmark and Sweden GOING, GOING, GONE Chris Williams reveals one of his favourite categories of programmes MARSHALL’S MUSINGS Robert takes a break from football .… but not from collecting SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW Lester is off to Northampton this month NEWS FROM THE NET A double dose of Derby as Kevin Artlett loves a new County website EBAY 15 notable sales on the auction site over the last month PRE-WAR RESERVE TEAM PROGRAMMES Aston Villa, Burnley, Bury, Derby, Huddersfield, Manchester City, Newcastle, both Sheffields and the Wolves ALL THE SAINTS Three more players careers examined by the Southampton historians FA CUP PROGRAMMES St John Rylance continues his series on FA Cup programmes in his collection SUSSEX NON-LEAGUE FOOTBALL Richard Wilson writes about some new acquisitions CARDS & COLLECTABLES Lindon Roberts on Port Vale and the FA Youth Cup WELCOME TO OUR FRIENDS Andrew Dearie looks at programmes for matches against clubs from La Liga BOOK REVIEWS Being Fulham, Lifted over the Turnstiles and a Neymar stocking filler for Christmas NON-LEAGUE REVIEW Phil Brough is pleased to be back in the UK but not so happy about ‘non-issuers’ WHAT WE WERE READING Can you remember the magazine that made its’ debut 50 years ago? JOCKANORY Steve Tyler continues his travels around Scotland ASK THE READER PMs answer to the agony aunt MY FAVOURITE THINGS This month Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers supporter, Simon Plimley MY COLLECTION Pre-season goodies.

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