This month's programme and memorabilia listings

OFFERS BY 31ST OCTOBER. 50/1 Ilford v Walton & Hersham (FAAC) (score/scorers inside), 52/3 Bicester Town v Osberton Radiators, Sutton United v Finchley, 55/6 Baldock Town v Cheshunt (Friendly), Wimbledon v Tooting & Mitcham (Friendly), 56/7 Bishop Auckland v Gedling Colliery Welfare (FAAC), Stowmarket v Harwich & Parkeston, Tooting & Mitcham v Sheppey Utd (FAAC), 57/8 Bedford Town v Merthyr Tydfil, Clapton v Southall (FAAC), 58/9 Canterbury City v Faversham, Halesowen Town v Bedworth Town (FACQ), Harwich & Parkeston v Stowmarket, Malvern Town v Brierley Hill Reserves , Sudbury Town v Stowmarket (ECLC), 59/60 Harwich & Parkeston v Spalding Utd, Kings Lynn v Harwich & Parkeston, At Tottenham - Middlesex Boys v Staffordshire Boys (28 Oct)(Vol L11 No.18), 60/1 Bridgwater Town v Hereford Utd (FAC1), 61/2 Chippenham Town v Trowbridge Town (FACQ), Dartford v Hastings Utd (FACQ) (score/scorers inside), Hemel Hempstead v Bishops Stortford, 63/4 Bristol City Reserves v Weymouth (WL) (S/S), 64/5 Walton & Hersham v Torpoint Athletic (FAAC), Weymouth v Fareham Town (FACQ), Wigan Athletic v Oswestry Town (sl cr), 65/6 Hereford Utd v Millwall (FAC2), New Brighton v Stockport County Reserves, 66/7 Folkestone Town v Swansea (FAC1), 67/8 Arnold v Bristol Rovers (FAC1), Edgware Town v Rayners Lane (FAAC), Marine v City Of Norwich O.B.U. (FAAC)(sl cr), 67/8 Slough Town v Leytonstone (FACQ), Walthamstow Avenue v Bournemouth (FAC2), 68/9 Biggleswade Town v Cambridge City (FACQ),(sl cr), Stamford v Bury Town (FAC4QR), Wealdstone v St.Albans City (FAC1), 69/70 Brentwood Town v Reading (FAC1), Macclesfield v Scunthorpe Utd (FAC1)(score/scorers inside), Wigan Athletic v Chorley (FACQ), Wigan Athletic v Skelmersdale Utd (FAC4QR), 70/1 Barnet v Colchester Utd (FAC3), Dartford v Bishop’s Stortford (FACQ)(sl cr), Grantham v Rotherham Utd (FAC2)(score inside & sl cr), Sutton Coldfield Town v Emley (FAAC), 71/2 Bridgwater Town v Reading (FAC1), 72/3 Bishop’s Stortford v Boreham Wood (FAAC), Hitchin Town (FACQ), Dagenham (FAC4QR), 75/6 New Mills v Derby County XI (Friendly - Aug 6), St. Luke’s College v Keynsham Town, 78/9 Newport IOW v Basingstoke Town (FACQ), 79/80 Aston Villa v Manchester City (F A Youth Cup Final), Burton Albion v Parson Drove Utd (FAC4QR), Tottenham Reserves v Plymouth Argyle Reserves, 82/3 Stevenage Borough v Leeds United (OL - Nov 23), 86/7 Leyton Wingate v Faversham Town (FACQ), 87/8 Leyton Wingate v Wembley (FACQ), 95/6 Mossley v Salford City (tc’s), Wingate & Finchley v Ruislip Manor (FACQ), 96/7 Mossley v Salford City, 21/2 Torquay United v Havant & Waterlooville (FACQ)

NEW and extended lists. Celtic away friendlies tour matches 1952-2018, home friendlies 1959-2019. Hibernian away friendlies 1952-2019, homes 1951-2018. Rangers complete seasons 2012-13 to 2014-15. Also Hearts 59-60, Kilmarnock 64-65, Meadowbank 74-75. ES/Clydebank, Airdrie, Gretna complete seasons. 30 other sets for lists. Send S.A.E and mobile number

OFFERS BY 31/10/23. Postage extra. Arsenal Official team sheets 2008/9. v Liverpool, Portsmouth, Bolton, West Ham, Cardiff (FAC), Fulham, Manchester City. Chelsea Home Tickets 2004/5 (Champions) v Porto, Paris SG, Bayern Munich, Liverpool Ch Lg SF, West Ham (C.C.), Birmingham (FAC), Scunthorpe United (FAC). Chelsea Home Programmes 2004/5 v Man United, Southampton, Spurs, Porto (Ch Lg), Liverpool, C.S.K.A. Moscow (Ch Lg), Blackburn Rovers, West Ham (C.C.), Everton, Bolton, Paris SG (Ch Lg), Newcastle, Norwich, Villa, Middlesboro, Scunthorpe (FAC), Manchester United (C.C.S.F.), Pompey, Birmingham (FAC), Manchester City, Barcelona (Ch Lg), W.B.A., Crystal Palace, Bayern (Ch Lg), Birmingham, Arsenal, Fulham, Liverpool (Ch Lg, SF), Charlton. Chelsea Away Programmes 2004/5 v Birmingham, Palace, Villa, Manchester City, WBA, Fulham (Lg & CC), Charlton, Arsenal, Portsmouth, Liverpool (Lg & Ch Lg), Spurs, Blackburn, Everton, Newcastle (FAC & Lg), Norwich, Southampton, Bolton, Newcastle. Chelsea Home programmes 2005/6 v Anderlecht, Liverpool, Barcelona, (Ch Lg), Spurs (Osgood Tribute), Manchester United. Chelsea Year Books 2007/8, 2011/12, 2012/13. Blackpool Home Programmes v Manchester City Reserves 30/10/54, 1956/57 v PNE Reserves, Newcastle, Bolton, Villa, Manchester City, WBA (FAC), Manchester United Reserves, Sheffield Wednesday, arsenal. 1957/58 Leeds, Luton, Arsenal, Villa, Burnley, Spurs, Leicester, Bolton, 1958/59 v Newcastle, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Burnley, P.N.E., Bristol City (FAC), WBA (FAC), Forest. 1961/62 v Spurs, Ipswich. West Ham Home Programmes v Stockport County 25/1/1958 (FAC). 1962/63 v Blackpool, Sheffield United, Birmingham, Burnley, Bolton, Fulham (Lg &FAC), Everton (FAC), Sheffield Wednesday, Ipswich Town, Leicester, Forest, Blackburn, Orient. Leytonstone v Wimbledon (AC SF) 13.4.63. Wolves Home Programmes v Chelsea 19/10/1957, Forest 23/8/1958, Arsenal 29/8/1959, 1960/61 v Spurs, Cardiff, Chesterfield Reserves. 1961/62 v WBA, Burnley, Sheffield United 19/1/1963, International XI. 1962/63 v Everton (Sc & TCh). Gronigen7/8/71, Carl Zeiss Jena 8/12/71 (UEFA), Don Revie XI 20/10/75 (Dougan Testimonial). Wolves Away Programmes v Blackpool 25/8/1956, Leicester (FAC), Burnley 10/11/1962, Rotherham 27/1/1968 (FAC), Bournemouth 30/12/1969 (Testimonial), Watford 8/8/1978 (friendly), Grimsby 18/12/79 (Lg Cup R.) Leyton Orient Home programmes v Blackpool ?/10/1961 (Lg Cup), Huddersfield 31/10/64, Swansea 16/1/65, 1965/66 v Derby, Carlisle, Bristol City, Middlesboro v Brentford 7/1/67 (FAC), Gillingham 27/4/1970 (T. Ch), Northampton 14/1/2006, Leeds 13/2/2010. Celtic Home Programmes 2002/3 v Rangers Blackburn (UEFA), Partick Thistle, Motherwell, Dundee. Rangers v Celtic 27/4/2003. Hibernian v Morton 14/10/1963 (Lg C SFR). Irish Cup Final Ards v Linfield 30/4/1960

PROGRAMMES FOR SALE, OFFERS INVITED BY 31 OCTOBER 2023. (1) 64/65 Arsenal v Blackpool (s. fold centre) min £2, (2) 63/64 Arsenal v Leicester City (scr) min £4, (3) 63/64 Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest min £3, (4) 63/64 Aston Villa v Bolton min £3, (5) 64/65 Aston Villa Res v Blackburn Rovers Res min £2, (6) 62/63 Brighton v Barnsley min £2, (7) 62/63 Brighton v Shrewsbury Town min £3, (8) 63/64 Brentford 9-0 Wrexham (cr s fold) min £3, (9) 61/62 Crystal Palace v Reading min £5, (10) 61/62 Crystal Palace v Notts County min £4, (11) 61/62 Crystal Palace v Brighton min £4, (12) 63/64 Chelsea v Burnley min £2, (13) 63/64 Chelsea v Arsenal min £2, (14) 63/64 Chelsea v Fulham min £2, (15) 5 Chelsea Handbooks 64/65 (G) 65/66 (SC) 66/67 G 67/68 (G) 68/69 (G) min £6, (16) 62/63 x2 Fulham v Ipswich (mof) v WHU (mof) min £4, (17) 66/67 Fulham v Kilmarnock (FRI) score on centre team min £2, (18) 64/65 Sheff Wed v Stoke City min £3, (19) 62/63 Nott Forest v Bolton (scr b page) min £3, (20) 64/65 Spurs v Sheff Utd min £2, (21) 64/65 x4 Spurs v West Ham, Chelsea, Ipswich, Leicester sl min £4, (22) 66/67 Spurs v Nott Forest (mint) min £6, (23) 61/62 x5 Barnsley v Northampton (r/s) v QPR (G) Lincoln (G) Reading (G) Peterborough (G) Notts County min £6, (24) 53/54 Accrington Stanley v Rochdale (r/s) min £10, (25) 66/67 QPR v WBA (L Cup Final) min £6, (26) 61/62 Southend v Bradford PA (mint) min £6, (27) 63/64 Bradford PA v Tranmere Rovers (st/l r/s) min £5, (28) 63/64 Wrexham v Liverpool (FAC) (good) min £8, (29) 69/70 Portsmouth v Leicester City (Fri) s/s (mint) min £5, (30) Rochdale v Southampton (Fri) min £8, (31) 53/54 Huddersfield T v PNE (scr) min £7, (32) 56/57 Huddersfield T v Doncaster Rovers (mof) min £5, (33) 57/58 Huddersfield T v Rotherham Utd min £6, (34) 58/59 Huddersfield T v Leyton Orient min £5, (35) 58/59 Huddersfield T v Fulham min £5, (36) 59/60 Huddersfield T v Scunthorpe Utd (scr) min £5, (37) 60/61 Huddersfield T v Barnsley (FAC) min £5, (38) 60/61Huddersfield T v Rotherham Utd min £5, (39) 59/60 Huddersfield T v Luton Town (FAC) mint min £5, (40) 64/65 Millwall v Shrewsbury (FAC) min £3, (41) 63/64 Bolton v Burnley cr min £5, (42) 63/64 Bolton v Bath City (FAC) mint min £7, (43) 63/64 Bolton v PNE (FAC) mint min £5, (44) 62/63 Gillingham v Stockport Co min £3, (45) 65/66 Swindon Town v Merthyr Tydfil FAC (grubby) min £2, (46) 64/65 Birmingham City v Fulham min £2, (47) 69/70 QPR v South Shields (FAC) (t/c) min £3, (48) 62/63 Hull City v Bristol City mint min £3, (49) 62/63 Hull City v Coventry City mint min £3, (50) 62/63 Hartlepool v Chesterfield mint min £4. The price you bid is the price you pay. I will not tell anyone highest bid. 7-day money back if not satisfied. Calls on mobile only after 5.00pm (no internet or app). Do not call Mon, Wed, Fri. Thank you

PROGRAMMES for sale at fixed prices. All including postage. English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, non-league £1.50; friendlies, testimonials, foreign £2; European matches £2; Cup Ties £2; Semi-Finals £3; FA Cup Finals £7; Internationals £3; various Cup SF and Finals £2; lots of Wolves, Villa, Birmingham, Derby £1.50; Wolves aways in lower divisions from £2; Football League reviews £1; various books £4; fanzines £1; Subbuteo sets red and white and white v blue and white £25. Phone or write for lists and details

OFFERS please by 31st October. 30/31 Tottenham v Millwall (slight fold, slight wear), 45/46 Charlton v West Ham (single sheet, neat team changes, punched holes restored), 46/47 Swindon Reserves v Birmingham Reserves (slight crease), 47/48 Chelsea v Charlton, 48/49 Derby County v Arsenal (FAC, staple restored, neat team changes), 48/49 West Ham v Q.P.R. (slightly creased), 49/50 West Ham v Charlton (friendly match, slight fold), 50/51 Crystal Palace v Port Vale (slight fold), 50/51 Charlton v Newcastle (neat team changes), 50/51 Huddersfield v Sheffield Wednesday, 52/53 Wolves v Blackburn Rovers, 53/54 Huddersfield v Charlton (with press cuttings), 53/54 Sheffield United v Preston, 53/54 Sheffield Wednesday v Charlton (with press cuttings), 54/55 Portsmouth v Charlton, 54/55 Swindon v Crystal Palace (FAC), 54/55 Newcastle v Charlton, 54/55 Burnley v Charlton, 54/55 Wolves v Charlton (FAC), 55/56 Sunderland v Charlton, 55/56 Sheffield United v Charlton, 55/56 Blackpool v Charlton, 56/57 Aston Villa v Chelsea, 56/57 Tranmere Rovers v Bradford City (slight crease), 57/58 Bristol City v Charlton, 57/58 Preston v Chelsea, 57/58 Grimsby Town v Charlton (slight crease), 57/58 Ipswich v Huddersfield, 57/58 Blackburn Rovers v Charlton, 58/59 Preston v Chelsea (slight crease), 58/59 Bristol Rovers v Charlton (slight crease), 58/59 Grimsby Town v Charlton, 58/59 Liverpool v Newcastle (friendly match, slight crease, small repair to spine), 58/59 Shrewsbury v Crystal Palace (FAC), 58/59 Barnsley v Charlton, 59/60 Newcastle v All-Stars select XI (Norman Smith Testimonial)

THOUSANDS of League and non-League programmes 20p each plus postage. Order any amount, all good condition. Also all clubs list available

NEW and extended lists. Celtic away friendlies tour matches 1952-2018, home friendlies 1959-2019. Hibernian away friendlies 1952-2019, homes 1951-2018. Rangers complete seasons 2012-13 to 2014-15. Also Hearts 59-60, Kilmarnock 64-65, Meadowbank 74-75. ES/Clydebank, Airdrie, Gretna complete seasons. 30 other sets for lists. Send S.A.E and mobile number

WANTED Manchester United homes 61-62, England Amateur XI 71-72 F, Republic of Ireland XI 74-5 F. AWAYS Blackburn 59-60, 60-61, Derby 71-72, 72-73, 73-74, 75-76, 76-77, Everton 57-58, Charlton 51-52, 52-53, 53-54, West Brom 55-56, 56-57, Leeds 57-58, Newcastle 57-58, Luton 55-56, 56-57, 57-58, Portsmouth 50-51, 51-52, 54-55, 55-56, Cardiff 53-54, Workington FA Cup 57-58

PROGRAMMES FOR SALE AT A FIXED PRICE OF £2, including postage (unless stated). Arsenal V Chelsea 4.11.61. Blackpool v Bolton 7.3.59. BOLTON v Wolves 2.1.99 (FAC3) £3. BOURNEMOUTH v Torquay 7.9.57. BOURNEMOUTH v Wolves 3.4.74 (Testimonial). BRAY WANDERERS v Wolves 18.7.07 (O.Brien Testimonial) £3. BRISTOL ROVERS v Portsmouth 19.9.59. CHELSEA v Man United 31.3.96 (FAC 3) @ Villa Park, £3. DUNDEE UNITED v Wolves 19.7.97 (FR). ENGLAND v Croatia 10.10.14 U21’s @ Molineux. HENDON v Luton 4.10.71 (opening floodlights). LILLESTRØM v Man United 31.7.92 £3. LUTON v man City 25.10.77 (L/C 3). MAN CITY v Liverpool 19.8.67 v Man United 12.11.75 (L/C 4). MAN UNITED v Coventry 27.12.71. MILLWALL v Bradford 11.5.69. NORTHAMPTON v Wolves 29.7.98 (FR). P.S.G. v Bayern Munich 23.8.20 (Champions Leage Final) in Lisbon, £10. PRESTON v Wrexham 31.8.70. TOTTENHAM v Wolves 13.2.90 (FAYCH) S/S. WALSALL v Chelsea 23.9.15 (L/C 3). WOLVES v Tottenham 31.7.99 (FR) £5. WOLVES v Liverpool 3.8.01 (FR) £5. WREXHAM v Wolves 30.7.97 (Mickey Thomas Testimonial)

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