Best League One Programme 2016-17

Winner - Bristol Rovers

‘The Pirate’ has quality and quantity. It is packed full of copy combining past, present and independent views, using an unfussy design. There are a glut of columns with plenty of reading early on – ‘Up Front’, ‘Sent to Commentary’, Life’s a Gas’ and ‘Deep Heat’. The first of two player interviews is a three pager, followed by more columns – ‘Ruth of the Rovers’, ‘In My View’, ‘A Look Inside’ and “Eclectic Blue’. ‘Football Programmes and Memorabilia’ does what it says on the tin, there are four pages on the visitors, and ‘That Was The Week That Was’ puts a past clash with the opposition into context by covering the build-up to the match, as well as some snippets from the programme for the fixture. The history section has two pages of profiles on former players, a ‘Past Pirates’ programme feature, “Looking Back’ recalling the 2007/08 campaign and ’20 Years at the Mem’ remembering events from the 20 seasons the club have spent so far at their Memorial Stadium. ‘Talking Point’ is a two page interview feature and there is a further column – ‘Just A Thought’. After another current squad member interview, and two more columns, ‘Double Bubble’ and Authoritatively Speaking,’ the issue concludes with the unusual ‘Poet’s Corner’, some poetry about the team penned by ‘Dr Scumbrum’. There really is so much interesting reading in the programme that buyers would have to turn up hours before kick-off to read it all pre-match. A wonderful read clearly put together by people that care about the club.

B5, £3, standout article/feature – ‘Read All About It’ – Series on the early days of football in Bristol

25th January 2017